Top 10 Clothing Apps in 2023

Most people are now relying on their smartphones to shop for their favorite clothes. Who wouldn’t love to window shop on their phones? With just a tap on your phone, you can get your favorite at your doorstep.

The best deals, more fashion choices, and easy-to-buy options are fetching worldwide popularity for clothing apps. You will also get unique offers and special discounts from these apps, which won’t be available in offline stores. Here are some of the best clothing apps you can choose to buy clothes.

  • Zara

Clothes from Zara have a different fanbase. You can search and get Zara clothes online. However, downloading the Zara app will make things more convenient. It has a search bar on the top which lets you instantly find the clothes you are looking for.

  • Amazon

Amazon Fashion has been making its signature in the fashion industry lately. Affordable dresses, leggings, and purses are grabbing the hearts of many fashion freaks. The app allows you to shop by the latest drops, designers, prices, sales, deals, etc.

  • Depop

Depop is a budget-friendly and sustainable way to buy and sell clothes. You can also see influencers wearing clothes of your size on the app. The app allows you to buy trendy clothing pieces at a discounted price.

  • Shopbop

You can find the latest trends and new arrivals in the fashion industry in this app. The app also offers a fast checkout, offering more convenience to the users. Shopbop gives a 15% discount for first-time customers on their first buy.

  • Etsy

The Etsy app allows you to find the editor’s pick, interact with the shop owners, or sell your products from your mobile device. This app is an ideal choice for people looking for vintage or thrift items. You can also choose to buy from local businesses using Etsy.

  • Zulily

Zulily is a top-rated app that gives you the best deals for your whole family. The app focuses more on baby essentials, moms’ items, and clothes. You can get a discount of up to 70% for certain products.

  • Gilt

Gilt is an ideal app for people looking for discounts on designer clothing. Users can get up to 70% off on popular designer brands like Valentino and Jimmy Choo. The app also allows you to buy kidswear, men’s clothing, and different home products.

  • Kidizen

Kidizen can be a helping hand for moms while purchasing trendy clothes for their kids. The app allows users to sell and buy kid’s clothing. You can also purchase shoes, toys, books, accessories, etc from the app.

  • Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway helps users to store clothes temporarily in their closets. Thus, you can try different designer clothes without filling your closet. The app has occasion shops that let you find the clothes you always dreamt of.

  • connects Instagram and online shopping. The app allows you to scroll through your favorite influencer’s photos and choose the look you are interested in recreating. You can shop for anything you want in your wardrobe from this app.

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